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Posted: August 20, 2016 at 1:30 PM, in WOC2016.

Broadcasts from the WOC 2016 will be available to television viewers in 67 countries and territories, which is a record number. The productions include 17 hours of live coverage from 5 competitions during the championships week as well as daily and weekly highlight Studio programs. Read more about the TV broadcasts here.

IOF LiveCenter Web TV and GPS Tracking
For the full experience, the whole event will be live streamed on the IOF LiveCenter. Anyone, from anywhere, who wants to follow the action can purchase daily passes or a full week pass. This will give you access to the live broadcast, complete with expert commentary Katherine Bett and Hugh Dan MacLennan, as well as GPS tracking and live results. Overall programmeMore information on how to buy your tickets can be found here.

Watch TV here:

Sweden (SVT)

Norway (NRK)

Finland (YLE)

Denmark (DR)

Switzerland (SRF)